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Executive Outplacement

At The Hunt Group, Inc, we are a leader in Career Transition and Organizational Consulting. Our services and solutions address the organizational and people issues that make the difference in managing powerful and productive change. Our goal is to help you harness and manage that change as a positive, even inspiring, force – a force that can help you, your people, and your business accomplish great things.

We deliver our Career Transition and Organizational Consulting services seamlessly anywhere in the world – with a sense of urgency, with high principals, and with high value to our clients.

After all, the work we do has a powerful impact and we believe we have a responsibility to be nothing less than excellent. We also believe helping people and organizations through change is important business. It affects profitability, and the capacity to adapt quickly to new conditions. And it affects the very lives of those employees who will drive the vision forward, as well as of those who are in transition.

Founded in 1988, The Hunt Group’s services have evolved to meet the growing needs of our clients, including using technology in new and better ways. To maintain our position as the industry leader, we’ve made significant investments in reinventing Career Transition, growing our Organizational Consulting practice, and developing leading-edge technology enabled solutions.

Corporate clients give The Hunt Group high satisfaction marks for all services provided, with an average rating of 4.75 on a 5 point scale.

Providing career transition services for separating employees is a sound business practice for responsible employers.

The Hunt Group works with line managers and human resource professionals in early-stage enterprises, established businesses, and multinational entities — of all sizes, across all sectors and industries — to plan and implement business initiatives that entail reductions-in-force. All our programs and services are delivered in an appropriate tone and style, promoting constructive reactions from employees and broader business and social communities.

The Hunt Group helps corporate clients:

  • configure effective and efficient programs/services for separating employees
  • coordinate notification-event and separation logistics
  • prepare, coach, and support managers
  • craft messages for required internal and external communications
  • quickly engage separating employees with The Hunt Groups’ programs and services
  • swiftly address issues and reengage ongoing employees with their work and careers with the organization

Our most significant differentiators are that unlike any other outplacement service we are aware of, we have market mastery, we have the contacts and relationships, and we contribute proactively to getting the executives we serve connected with their target audience. We do much more than just counsel. We connect and engage.

We work with you as you plan your actions from scratch, and will continue to help you fine-tune your actions before implementation. HGI brings a history of experience and success … as well as the most contemporary career transition services and offerings to effectively address current market conditions and career transition trends. Even organizations and managers well experienced in conducting reductions-in-force say that HGI provides them with unique, value-added assistance.

You retain us to provide services to your former employees, and we are accountable to both you and them for delivery of high-value and high-quality service and results. Our approach is proactive and very hands on. Talk with one of our consultants and you will know the difference in what we can provide versus the traditional outplacement services.