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Assessment Center

eGPS & the LeaderShift
assessment center provide you with a unique set of solutions to guarantee an objective and reliable evaluation of a candidate’s fit – to your culture and  to the role.
Job Modeling
eGPS & LeaderShift Assessments are tools that can be used for a variety of applications
Executive Assessment
eGPS & LeaderShift Assessments are tools that can be used for a variety of applications
Gap Analysis
eGPS & LeaderShift Assessments are tools that can be used for a variety of applications
Performance Management
eGPS & LeaderShift Assessments are tools that can be used for a variety of applications
Personal Development
eGPS & LeaderShift Assessments are tools that can be used for a variety of applications

Great success comes when an individual is properly matched to the requirements of a specific position and environment. The eGPS & LeaderShift assessment center provides you with state-of-the-art tools to build a complete selection process for any position. Our “best of breed” instruments TriMetrix HD, enables us to build the “ideal” model for each position which includes the (DISC), motivators (values), acumen (potential), and competencies (personal skills) for success.

We are certified experts in Lominger Leadership Architect and DDI. We frequently support multi-national clients in the use and application of these tools.  Executives, managers and human resource professionals alike can now put research-based leadership and organizational development best practices into action.

Assessing, selecting and retaining your leadership team is critical to drive revenue growth and meet future business challenges.

Armed with eGPS, clients can implement an array of competency based HR tools efficiently, effectively and with confidence.

Rigorous assessments improve your chances of a successful hire

The job modeling and selection process can help eliminate many of the pitfalls of hiring in today’s complex and competitive market. The tools and process can help you improve candidate selection, job performance, employee satisfaction and on-going results through “personalized” development options and recommendations.

The selection system includes Job Profiling, Performance Benchmarking, Gap Analysis and the use of specialized assessments to help you identify the best possible candidates for any position including individual contributor, middle management and leadership positions.

The job profiling tools can be extremely valuable for organization development, succession and career planning for organizations, departments and individuals who want to accurately match peoples strengths – where they can excel.

Our portfolio of assessment instruments also include: Watson-Glaser and Raven’s Advanced Progressive Matrices to assess critical thinking, reasoning, decision making and intelligence which are critical in predicting judgment, problem solving, creativity and more.

To serve clients with established tools and processes in place, we’re also certified and offer the full suite of Myers-Briggs (MBTI) instruments.

For executive coaching and development the tools are used to accelerate performance by identifying obstacles and options for personal, partnership & team development.

Consider the advantages:

  • Better position matching by defining the ideal characteristics for success
  • Lower attrition, replacement & training costs
  • More objectivity in hiring decisions
  • Faster ramp-up to required productivity levels
  • Enhanced employee satisfaction
  • A proven way to clarify & define needed skills

Our eGPS Assessment Products

The Right Tools. Every Time.
When you use the right tools, you get the right results. With retention in the 90th percentiles, those results transform into solutions for your business’s bottom line.

executive assessments provide objective evaluation of candidates in recruitment effortsWho is the True Self?
At The Hunt Group, we are not afraid to ask the big questions and then design entire human capital management systems around what we discover. In partnership with the TTI Success Insights research team, we explore every aspect of human behavior and neurological function. That’s why TTI holds patents on the process and systems we have created.

Safe + Secure Delivery
Our eGPS assessment suite serve clients beyond the United States and into 40 countries around the globe. Being global comes with a greater responsibility for security and privacy, which we take very seriously. That’s why we have data centers located in the United States, Canada and Europe in order to provide safe, compliant data delivery to corporations throughout the world, 24/7/365.

eGPS is designed to provide more information to clients about the individual and the job, including keen insight into behaviors, motivators, acumen, and personal skills in order to maximize job satisfaction, retention, efficiency and company prosperity.

Job-Based Assessments

If the job could talk, it would clearly define the knowledge, experience, skills, behaviors and intrinsic rewards required for superior performance. Our Job Modeling approach benchmarks a specific job, not the person, in an interactive process used for development, selection, retention or management. Report includes key accountabilities specific to the job and candidates can be assessed and measured against the job with a Gap Analysis.

DISC Behaviors

DISC provides a breakdown of the map of human behavior to discover Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Compliance and how they influence people in their work. A measure for communication and behavior alone, which informs and enhances communication. The DISC Behaviors & Motivators Assessment is a combination of two of the most popular assessments. One provides a profile of your observable behavior. It describes how you act in certain situations and circumstances.

Hunt consultants are certified in the DISC personality assessment tool
Personal Motivation and Engagement Report is a Hunt Group Assessment service

Personal Motivation and Engagement Report

The Personal Motivation and Engagement™ Assessment measures the WHY of your actions, leading to an understanding of what drives your behavior. Identifying individuals’ values is important to understanding what makes them effective, satisfied and personally successful.  The report identifies six established attitudes and determines an individual’s dominant motivator. It is used by coaches to keep employees engaged and satisfied, deciding if a position is suited to an individual and creating an effective work environment.

knowledge | return on investment | altruism | power | traditions | aesthetics

TTI Performance DNA™

A combination of several of our most often utilized assessments, this package will inform the HOW, WHY and WHAT of individuals. That is, how they behave, why they behave the way they do and what are their highly developed personal skills. A very comprehensive approach to managing human capital effectively. This can also be used for helping find the best fit for a job. TTI Performance DNA can identify, prioritize and calibrate performance criteria that will help you overcome today’s challenge.

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TTI Performance DNA™ is an assessment instrument used by Hunt Search
emotional intelligence assessments help identify executives who can drive for results AND build effective cultures

Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Emotional Quotient (EQ) measures emotional intelligence, the ability to sense, understand and effectively apply the power and acumen of emotions to facilitate high levels of collaboration and productivity.  In business EQ is important because it helps leverage an individual’s awareness of emotions for effectiveness in the workplace. Our online questionnaire provides answers within moments of completion. It is used for workplace environment management and coaching.

Sales Skills Index ™ Assessment

(formerly called Sales Strategy Index)

Wouldn’t it be nice to have an individualized training guide for your sales staff to determine if they understand the sales process, how they compare to top sales performers and if they can actually sell? The Sales Skills Index provides just that.

This assessment is specially designed for outside sales. It helps to ensure that your sales personal will handle each sales opportunity correctly.

The Success Insights Sales Skills Index assessment presents questions that portray “real life” sales situations. Each situation has 4 alternative ways to be handled.  The Sales Skills Index report shows the individual’s strengths, weaknesses and how well they understood sales strategy in the 7 categories.


OD Surveys Plus™

Fast, easy-to create, administer and complete online, our surveys shave time and expense off of the antiquated survey processes of old. We offer three surveys: Organizational Development, 360 Degree Feedback, and T.E.A.M.S.

  • Determine where an organization can improve its services, policies and practices to achieve complete employee and customer satisfaction
  • Provide a venue for an individual to provide feedback on the effectiveness of another individual’s performance
  • Discover the effective and ineffective practices of a group

Critical Thinking

When we think of assessing critical thinking skills / cognitive ability, two names come to mind in the crowded pre-employment marketplace: Raven’s™ Progressive Matrices and Watson-Glaser™ Critical Thinking Appraisal. Based on our experience, these are by far the best in class and that’s why we use and distribute them.

Both are feature-packed assessments with versatile administration and reporting capabilities and can be administered in US, UK, Australian, and Indian English, Spanish, French, and Dutch. Click the button below to learn more about when to use each one.


Hunt Search uses Raven’s™ Progressive Matrices and Watson-Glaser™ Critical Thinking Appraisal
Hunt Executive Search uses Wonderlic Assessment instruments


By combining ease-of-use with technical integrity, Wonderlic assessments have earned the respect and confidence of tens of thousands of employers and educators worldwide. Since 1937, we have been designing and providing assessment tests that have helped our clients accurately, fairly and reliably evaluate over 200 million job and student applicants. Accuracy, ease of administration and job- or program-specific scoring makes our assessments the first choice for hiring selection.
By measuring a person’s knowledge, skills, abilities and personality, you can quickly and easily gain insight into how they might perform:

Wonderlic Cognitive Ability assessments measure a candidate’s ability to learn, adapt, solve problems and understand instructions.
Wonderlic Skills tests measure math, English, typing, data entry, office software proficiency and more.
Wonderlic Behavioral Reliability assessments predict a candidate’s likelihood of engaging in counterproductive behavior.