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Advisory Services

Hunt Executive Search values collaboration and expertise. In addition to our Premier Executive Search Services, we offer a wide array of supplemental Talent, Advisory & Leadership Development Services. Learn how we go beyond simply recruiting the best talent. Learn how we can help your business with any of its talent challenges.

Executive Coaching

For Executive Coaching and Development, our assessment tools and certified executive coaches are used to accelerate performance by identifying obstacles and options for personal, partnership & team development.

Consider the advantages:

  • Better position matching by defining the ideal characteristics for success
  • Lower attrition, replacement & training costs
  • More objectivity in hiring decisions
  • Enhanced Employee satisfaction
  • A proven way to define needed skills.
  • Customization using a proven methodology

Our family of assessment include: TriMetrix HD Job and TriMetrix HD Talent which assesses and measures Behaviors (DISC), Values (Motivators), Acumen (Skill/Potential), and Competencies (Experience) against the specific job model. Watson-Glaser and Raven’s Progressive Matrices to assess critical thinking, reasoning, decision making and intelligence which are critical in predicting judgment, problem solving, creativity and more.

These instruments are best in class for selection, succession planning, career development, organization development and executive coaching.



At The Hunt Executive Search, Inc, we are a leader in Career Transition and Organizational Consulting. Our services and solutions address the organizational and people issues that make the difference in managing powerful and productive change. Our goal is to help you harness and manage that change as a positive, even inspiring, force – a force that can help you, your people, and your business accomplish great things.

We deliver our Career Transition and Organizational Consulting services seamlessly anywhere in the world – with a sense of urgency, with high principals, and with high value to our clients.

After all, the work we do has a powerful impact and we believe we have a responsibility to be nothing less than excellent. We also believe helping people and organizations through change is important business. It affects profitability, and the capacity to adapt quickly to new conditions. And it affects the very lives of those employees who will drive the vision forward, as well as of those who are in transition.

Providing career transition services for separating employees is a sound business practice for responsible employers.

Hunt Executive Search works with line managers and human resource professionals in early-stage enterprises, established businesses, and multinational entities — of all sizes, across all sectors and industries — to plan and implement business initiatives that entail reductions-in-force. All our programs and services are delivered in an appropriate tone and style, promoting constructive reactions from employees and broader business and social communities.

We help corporate clients:

  • configure effective and efficient programs/services for separating employees
  • coordinate notification-event and separation logistics
  • prepare, coach, and support managers
  • craft messages for required internal and external communications
  • quickly engage separating employees with The Hunt Groups’ programs and services
  • swiftly address issues and reengage ongoing employees with their work and careers with the organization

We work with you as you plan your actions from scratch, and will continue to help you fine-tune your actions before implementation. HES brings a history of experience and success … as well as the most contemporary career transition services and offerings to effectively address current market conditions and career transition trends. Even organizations and managers well experienced in conducting reductions-in-force say that HES provides them with unique, value-added assistance.Our most significant differentiators are that unlike any other outplacement service we are aware of, we have market mastery; we have the contacts and relationships; and we contribute proactively to getting the executives we serve connected with their target audience. We do much more than just counsel. We connect and engage.

You retain us to provide services to your former employees, and we are accountable to both you and them for delivery of high-value and high-quality service and results. Our approach is proactive and very hands on. Talk with one of our consultants and you will know the difference in what we can provide versus the traditional outplacement services.


Now that much of the hard work is completed and all of the candidates have been interviewed, it’s decision time. At the end of the day, the primary responsibility of any executive is to make a decision. With the client we benchmark the candidates and make a hiring decision. This decision is arrived at through countless steps in the process, some of which are outlined in this search process presentation.

Once a decision is made, an offer is negotiated and formulated between us and the client. The offer is extended and accepted both verbally and in writing. We professionally release the remaining candidates. A start date is established and the deal is almost complete.

We further discuss the resignation process with the candidate, assist in the drafting of a resignation letter and discuss the realities of counter offers and everything else they will experience during the resignation process. We coach the candidate through the resignation, keeping the client apprised of each step along the way. The candidate begins work and we ask the client where else in the organization can we be of service.

Successful Candidate Onboarding

Organization Development

The Principals and Partners at Hunt Executive search undergo rigorous training and education into understanding the assessment tools and applied behavioral sciences behind Organization Development (OD). Our expertise can help deliver a plan to help your business accomplish the following OD related goals:

  • Provide opportunities for each organization member, as well as for the organization itself, to develop to their full potential.
  • Increase the effectiveness of the organization in terms of all of its goals.
  • Create an environment in which it is possible to find exciting and challenging work.
  • Increase the level of inter-personal trust among employees.
  • Increase employees’ level of satisfaction and commitment.
  • Create an environment of trust so that employees willingly accept change.

The objective of OD is to improve the organization’s capacity to handle its internal and external functioning and relationships. This includes improved interpersonal and group processes, more effective communication, and enhanced ability to cope with organizational problems of all kinds. It also involves more effective decision processes, more appropriate leadership styles, improved skill in dealing with destructive conflict, as well as developing improved levels of trust and cooperation among organizational members.

Learn how Hunt Executive Search can help transform your company’s OD.

Hunt search places general management roles

Private Equity / M&A Intermediary

Our team of private equity specialists are adept at navigating through complicated issues to help identify and evaluate risks as well as create opportunities for investors and executive partners. With our deep industry experience and transaction support services, we help private equity firms realize the greatest value from their strategic transactions.

Services for Private Equity / Institutional Investors:

  • Networking Services

Along with our sister company, Hunt Executive Search, Hunt Partners works with a multitude of middle market companies. Many of our clients and partners need capital from time to time, and some are looking to sell their businesses outright. We are well aware of how a constant supply of prospective investments impacts your success. That’s why Hunt Partners offers an exciting opportunity to partner with us as a source of leads.


  • Deal Flow Services

Deal Flow Services are designed uniquely for private equity firms. By teaming up with Hunt Partners, you’ll benefit from our consistent efforts to generate leads from our vast and growing list of middle market clients, many of which are in need of capital or considering selling their businesses. You’ll be one of the first to know about opportunities as they arise, potentially well before they reach auction stage or attract the attention of investment banks.


  • Executive Assessment Services

Hunt Partners provides human capital consulting services to private equity firms as we understand the importance of impactful management team to run your platform companies. With over 25 years of leadership consulting experience, we’ve developed tools and mechanisms to help you assess your current leadership team and/or identify the best executives to help you accelerate your platform company’s growth.


  • Consulting Services

Value creation extends beyond the private equity acquisition date to the entire life cycle of ownership of the portfolio company. Middle-market companies continue to be the primary area of investment by private equity firms of all sizes. Once the deal is complete, maximizing the value of these investment companies is a must. With 25 years of experience serving midsized companies, Hunt Partners offers a unique perspective on how they operate, and our inside knowledge and expertise can help you create value throughout the private equity life cycle.

Hunt Partners eDossier


  • Recruiting Senior Management for Portfolio Companies

A significant proportion of our work involves recruiting senior management to portfolio companies — from Chairman and CEOs to finance heads and other functional vertical enterprise leaders. Through our successful Executive Search Practice we have unrivalled access to board directors across all industries. Our consultants bring extensive knowledge, relevant search experience and operational expertise to every assignment. They understand the importance of flexibility and speed and adapt well to the changing needs of clients. They understand the skills that executives need to operate effectively in a private equity-backed environment.

Succession Management

A recent survey found that over 1/3 of independent business owners plan to exit their business within the next 5 years. Within the next 10 years, 2/3 of owners plan to exit. The survey also found that most small and medium-sized enterprises are not adequately prepared for their business succession: only 10% of owners have a formal, written succession plan; 38% have an informal, unwritten plan; and the remaining 52% do not have any succession plan at all. Over that time period, an estimated $1.2 trillion in business assets are poised to change hands.

Research indicates many succession-planning initiatives fall short of their intent. “Bench strength,” as it is commonly called, remains a stubborn problem in many if not most companies. Studies indicate that companies that report the greatest gains from succession planning feature high ownership by the CEO and high degrees of engagement among the larger leadership team.

Clear objectives are critical to establishing effective succession planning. Our professionals can help your company establish a succession plan that:

  • Identifies those with the potential to assume greater responsibility in the organization
  • Provides critical development experiences to those that can move into key roles
  • Engages the leadership in supporting the development of high-potential leaders
  • Builds a data base that can be used to make better talent decisions for key jobs
  • Improves employee commitment and retention
  • Meets the career development expectations of existing employees