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Intellectual Capital

The First 90 Days

“The most important decisions you make in your first 90 days will probably be about the people on your team. If you succeed in creating a high-performance team, you can exert tremendous leverage in value creation. If not, you will face severe difficulties, for no leader can hope to achieve much alone.”

Time to Resign

You are considering a change because your present position and/or company doesn’t offer the potential for growth you seek. You have looked at your decision to change both logically and emotionally, and it’s the emotional decision that is the hardest.
Joe Hunt, Time to Resign


Since 1988, the Partners, Consultants, and Associates of Hunt Executive Search have successfully demonstrated their ability to conduct executive search services unequaled by rival search firms. We understand the war for talent rages and the unprecedented challenges faced by the business community we serve in attracting, retaining, and developing senior management.
Hunt Executive Search , eDossier

7 Levels of LeaderShift

eGPS term chart

“Talent management is the real differentiator of buiness success. Enterprise GPS – 7 Levels of LeaderShift shows us how to institutionalize leadership selection, performance management, and development at every level of the organization.”
Greg Wasson, CEO, Walgreen Boot Alliance

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