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Our team of private equity specialists are adept at navigating through complicated issues to help identify and evaluate risks as well as create opportunities for investors and executive partners. With our deep industry experience and transaction support services, we help private equity firms realize the greatest value from their strategic transactions.

Services for Private Equity / Institutional Investors:

Hunt Partners works with a multitude of middle market companies. Many of our clients and partners need capital from time to time, and some are looking to sell their businesses outright. We are well aware of how a constant supply of prospective investments impacts your success. That’s why Hunt Partners offers an exciting opportunity to partner with us as a source of leads.
Deal Flow Services are designed uniquely for private equity firms. By teaming up with Hunt Partners, you’ll benefit from our consistent efforts to generate leads from our vast and growing list of middle market clients, many of which are in need of capital or considering selling their businesses. You’ll be one of the first to know about opportunities as they arise, potentially well before they reach auction stage or attract the attention of investment banks.
Hunt Partners provides human capital consulting services to private equity firms as we understand the importance of impactful management team to run your platform companies. With over 25 years of leadership consulting experience, we’ve developed tools and mechanisms to help you assess your current leadership team and/or identify the best executives to help you accelerate your platform company’s growth.
Value creation extends beyond the private equity acquisition date to the entire life cycle of ownership of the portfolio company. Middle-market companies continue to be the primary area of investment by private equity firms of all sizes. Once the deal is complete, maximizing the value of these investment companies is a must. With 25 years of experience serving midsized companies, Hunt Partners offers a unique perspective on how they operate, and our inside knowledge and expertise can help you create value throughout the private equity life cycle.
A significant proportion of our work involves recruiting senior management to portfolio companies — from Chairman and CEOs to finance heads and other functional vertical enterprise leaders. Through our successful Executive Search Practice we have unrivaled access to board directors across all industries. Our consultants bring extensive knowledge, relevant search experience and operational expertise to every assignment. They understand the importance of flexibility and speed and adapt well to the changing needs of clients. They understand the skills that executives need to operate effectively in a private equity-backed environment.

Service Offerings

Hunt Partners provides the following services:

For Private Equity / Institutional Investors:

  • Networking Services
  • Deal Flow Services
  • Executive Assessment Services

For Executives:

  • Deal Thesis Worksheet
  • The Hunt Partners Process
  • Overview for Executives

For Companies:

Mergers and Acquisitions

Hunt Partners has a strong history of aiding both our private equity and executive clients with their mergers and acquisitions goals through our extensive connections and continuing contacts with the most active financial buyers and sellers. Hunt Partners has consistently used these relationships to introduce our clients to the broadest range of potential buyers and sellers. This in turn gives Hunt Partners clients multiple options for a merger partner at the best possible valuation. Hunt Partners strives to serve with a commitment to maintain the delicate balance in any company among the interests of shareholders, management, and clients.

Merger and Acquisition Advisory Services:

  • Buy-side assignments
  • Corporate divestures and leveraged buy-outs
  • Management-led buy-ins or buy-outs
  • Strategic merger or acquisition advisory services
  • Conducting acquisition searches for buyers
  • Formulating a valuation range
  • Identifying potential buyers or acquisition candidates

Executive Program

Our Executive Program is designed to assist our Executive Partners with the achievement of their next level business goals. By introducing Hunt Partners and our Private Equity Partners to parties interested in selling their companies, Executive Partners will increase their potential to secure a equity position within one of our private equity clients funds and/or earn a commission from their involvement where private equity investments or acquisitions are closed.


  • Private companies or carve outs with sales between $50M and $1B.
  • EBITDA between $10 and $100M.
  • Companies whose owners are willing and ready to sell.
  • Distressed companies.
  • Companies that are not represented by investment banks or brokers.


  • Hunt Partners receives between 1-2% of the investment closing price.
  • Executive Partners, will receive between 5%-40% of Hunt Partners success fee, depending on the executives involvement in the process. We prefer executives who will fully engage and provide leadership in the process, in which case will earn up to 40% of Hunt Partners fee.
  • If an executive provides a qualified lead and introduction, but is not involved in leading the project, the Executive Partners would still earn 5% of the Hunt Partners fee.
  • If the executive works with Hunt Partners obtain all the necessary information such as strategy, the required  financials, continuously communicating with the seller including facilitating meetings with buyers, Hunt Partners will pay ~40% of Hunt Partners fee.


  • We will identify private equity groups from our Top 100 private equity relationship and expanded network that includes over 1,000 private equity groups globally.
  • If an executive determines the company they are referring is one that they want to run post acquisition, we work with the executive to identify the best private equity partner. Executive Partners will be compensated with an equity stake in the transaction vs. sharing in the success fee if the executive is selected as the CEO or another executive position.